General Information


Dear Students,

Our department, which has maintained its respected place in the university and faculty since its establishment, continues its education and training in a peaceful environment with its faculty members and students in order to achieve scientific excellence in our age where information is rapidly getting old.

Today, universities and educational institutions cannot isolate themselves from the competitive market. In this direction, our department takes into consideration the problems encountered in business life as a result of the communication it maintains with graduate students, by updating the syllabus accordingly. Our courses are computer-based starting from the first grade, and the current scientific discussions at congresses and conferences are conveyed to the students by the lecturers. With the Erasmus program, students can continue their education at European Universities for one or two semesters starting from the second year. Our faculty members are also visiting professors at foreign universities. This is an indication that our department plays an active role in the integration of international universities.

As the department, our vision is to raise students who take care of the Atatürk Republic, think rationally, have high analytical skills, and have a developed sense of social responsibility. I wish our students good health and success, and thank our faculty members for their hard work and efforts.

Head of Econometrics Department

Professor Dilek Altaş Karaca



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